Iain Harrison


Selfie Sept 2021.jpg

We're all familiar with brands' visual assets. Coca Cola’s white wave. Adidas' three stripes. Apple’s apple. 

Equally important are their verbal assets. A brand voice is just as unique as its visual identity. Perhaps even more so, as it's language that persuades, influences and motivates people.


My words have helped cause Parliamentary debate and changed legislation to help people with cancer. They've influenced how entire organisations function, and brought in thousands of donations for charities.

I've used language to educate healthcare professionals and developers, influence board members and MPs, inspire small businesses and motivate individuals. I explain products and services, reassure prospects, and drive sales.

I began my career at a specialist fundraising agency. It taught me a lot about writing persuasive, response-driven copy, A/B testing, copy variants, and ROI; lessons that have remained throughout my career. 

Projects have included brand and tone-of-voice guides, integrated campaigns, one-off tactical pieces, scripts, explainer videos, direct mail, websites/digital content, online advertising, and technical and editorial pieces. I genuinely relish writing.

I think strategically and enjoy researching audiences, behaviours and trends that lead to insights and ideas that resonate. 

Along with this, I created and ran the world's first course on Writing for Digital Media for the Institute of Direct Marketing. 

As my mentor and namesake, Steve Harrison, is fond of saying: ‘People read what interests them. Sometimes that happens to be a marketing communication.’


And that’s why a brand’s verbal identity is just as important as its visual identity.