Aziz Bazaar​

The Freelander 2 was ready for launch, but Land Rover needed to clear forecourts of the Freelander. They decided to run a rare discount, and our brief was to create a banner campaign using assets previously shot for press. However, we saw a better opportunity, one that would make more of the digital medium and support the (then) brand proposition of Go Beyond.

We brought the Land Rover spirit of adventure to life by inviting people to haggle.

Aziz invited you to pick an item. Once selected, he'd give you a little flowery spiel before inviting you to make a price.

Depending on the offer you made, you'd receive one of several responses. Some indifferent, some angry and a few where you'd become his best friend. Here, he wants to kiss you. (It's OK, I won't tell.)

After his response, he'd reach down and produce the board. At this point, we also introduced the bottom navigation to Test Drive, Brochure and Dealer locator.​

The results were superb. Within three weeks of launch, all Freelander 1 models had been cleared from forecourts. Not only this, but dwell times on the microsite averaged four minutes as people worked through the different responses he gave.​