Beyond the Screen​


This was the world’s first ‘second screen’ App designed to augment the movie experience. What a labour of love this was, despite me having to watch each film up to eight times to gather all the trivia, facts and anecdotes from director, cast and crew commentaries. Copy had to be succinct so it wouldn’t interfere too much with actual viewing.

Choose your film, then let the groundbreaking technology do the work. The App uses the iPad’s inbuilt microphone to ‘listen’ to the soundtrack, triggering trivia, facts and figures as the film plays.

The copy was categorised (location, production stories, cameos, soundtrack, etc) and each trivia point had its own design, which I was also instrumental in creating.

No trivia point is too trivial for diehard fans, so we created infographic statistics for each film. Below you can see Shawn of the Dead's body count, weapon choice, drinking abilities along with hidden cameos.

The App also contained a jukebox where fans could play music used in the films. It even hosted a pub quiz. Fans could also save their favourite trivia points to a Freezer section. The App launched to brilliant praise. It picked up a five star review in the Sunday Times tech section and another five-star review from Stuff magazine.