The Carbon Trust

This was a site for both consumers and business that explained the value of Carbon Labelling, a scheme that helps consumers make choices that have less environmental impact. From manufacture and distribution to use and disposal, we showed how each stage of a product’s life (and death) created carbon.

Parts of the site called for long copy, due to the complexity of the arguments being made, others shorter copy.

I worked closely with the client to ensure relevant points were included. We'd often speak at weekends, so excited were we by the project.

Wherever possible, animation supplemented the story. This animation showed the effects of rising seawater and increasingly extreme weather. (It looks tranquil here, but there was little left of paradise by the end.)

Where relevant, interactivity was used deepen engagement and further reinforce our points. Here, visitors dragged a slider which highlighted the carbon output of each stage of a product's life.