With a staff of just 15, Howard Luck Gossage took on Madison Avenue from a converted fire station in San Francisco.


Not only did his work change the face of advertising, it also helped change the world. 

Gossage is the godfather of modern fundraising.

He founded the green movement, gave Friends of the Earth their name and helped save the Grand Canyon from flooding.

Best of all, he did it with intelligence, charm and humour.

Charity begins at home. And with a generous offer.


As Howard Luck Gossage once said, ‘marketing is too valuable a tool to use solely for commercial gain. It is at its best when used for social good’.


I couldn’t agree more.


My first role was primarily working on fundraising clients and this is something I’d love to move back into.


In times of austerity it’s even more important to ensure that the vital work of charities continues undisturbed. Campaigns must be powerful, engaging and clear at all touch points.


I can help you achieve this, as I have for many other charities, including The British Red Cross, Scope, War on Want, Save the Children, The Phobics Society, Concern, Plan International and the Disasters Emergency Committee.


I’d also be happy working on ethical brands and start-ups. Anything that puts people and the planet before profit.


To help make this happen, I’ll take one-third off my usual day rate .

If you’d like to chat with me to see if I can help, then please get in touch here or call me on 07834 630 874.