Macmillan Cancer Relief

75% of those diagnosed with cancer suffer financial hardship. Compounding things, benefits could take up to three months to come through.​ ​Macmillan were campaigning to change legislation, so people diagnosed with cancer would receive financial support sooner. I was asked to create two emails asking MPs and journalists for their support. However, something kept telling me that an email alone wouldn't be powerful enough. Serendipitously, a very late-running friend sparked inspiration - which in turn inspired a Parliamentary debate.

​​The email was simple and intriguing. This is the one sent to MPs.

Clicking on the email brought up a familiar loading screen. We timed it to perfection: after 3.75 rotations...

We began our messaging.

After the message, recipients were deep-linked to a discrete site page that told them what we needed. The result was a success: a motion was tabled in Parliament, and legislation changed to benefit people dealing with cancer.