Some kind words said

about my words.

Michelle O'Mahoney
Digital marketing, integration development and strategy consultant.


This is the "thinking man's" creative, strategic brain, visionary, lyrical, poetic! Oh, and creative! He just GETS it every time! And WOW what words he adds to it all. You can't fail to be impressed by his passion, knowledge and general love of his craft. He hates games and BS which is so refreshing. Loved working with Iain, wish every creative director was as deep as he is!

Vineet Vijayraj Thapar

Group Creative Director, Digitas Health, London


Iain's infectious energy and wicked sense of humour make him a favourite for me to have in a brainstorm, where the objective is to generate a slew of ideas. His sense of target and audacious license is what I depend on when the slew of ideas has to be whittled down to the two or three that will help differentiate us from others in front of a client. He always stops me from going for the easy and the tried, and understands that collaboration and ideation don't stop with the workday. Love working with him.

​Amy Hart
Owner at We Pick Cherries


If you meet Iain, I challenge you to find a more witty, intelligent and caring man. It shines out of him like a 100 watt lightbulb. Iain's gift for creative lies within his great empathy for people and the culture and environment that they are part of. His writing always finds a way to hit you on the inside with some truism.

As his mentor Steve Harrison says "If the man on the street is the object of your attention, make sure you walk the same street as him".

There was never a truer quote to describe Iain's style.

Iain deserves only the brightest of futures and it is my firm belief that this guy is going to do something so powerful creatively, that it one day changes the world. Mark my words.​

​​Martin Cleave​
Creative Director at BrocklebankPenn​


I had the chance to work with Iain at Woolley Pau in the spring, a hectic but entertaining splash around the world of health care advertising. His strikingly energetic attitude to work, consummate experience and thorough knowledge of his craft shine through in every brief that passes his way. He’s also one of very few people I’ve met who genuinely understands digital and social media beyond the hash-tag and Like button, a rare thing. Best of all, he’s a damn nice guy to hang out with and share a beer (or four), which in this industry can never be a bad thing.​

​Mick Kelley
Senior Art Director, Digitas


Iain was always a great pleasure to work with; bringing life, excessive amounts of creativity, and a fresh new perspective to (at times, somewhat rigid) projects we worked on. His finger was always on the pulse about current trends and he was very knowledgeable about the industry. His presentation skills to client were great and something I admired. He was a joy to be around, and has an excellent sense of humor, which always managed to brighten my day.