Worldpay Compass


This began life as a brief for internal motivational posters. But we all know how successful they are. Instead, I created Compass, a collaborative, ever-expanding database with many advantages over the initial request, in particular the ease over which brand assets could be controlled and managed. Moreover, each new sales presentation was stored within the Compass database with a workflow that encouraged inter-departmental collaboration, resulting in more sales of relevant products and services.

Workflow design was the key to everything. We automated the process, so anyone needing to create a sales presentation could have an outline sorted within minutes.

We did this by indexing every product and service Worldpay offered against all the industry verticals they could

ever wish to encounter. 

Automating the initial part of a presentation saved the sales team valuable time. Each new presentation was saved to a central server, making it easy to index its content. Rather than creating a presentation from scratch, Sales could find a pre-prepared one, minimising editing time. They could even locate the author of the original presentation, encouraging cross and up-selling of extra products and services.

Another major benefit was that Worldpay employees now had a range of pre-approved product descriptions that were all on-brand. We allowed for personalisation for individual prospects which also reduced the time spent on internal sign-off. 

Looking further, we saw ways to extend Compass even further with the addition of Podcasts and interactive learning modules and thought-leadership pieces.